Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Who will win Singapore Idol 2009?

So guys any feedback or criticism on the above questions? Read most of the forums and they said Sezairi will win cause he is a malay. But hey aren't we in a multi racial country? Why become so racist? Felt abit disappointed on that comment. Shouldn't be commenting that way. Anyway this year i know that they want a lady to win the competition. Whether the ladies win or not we will have to see about that. Not only that, if you think you want the ladies to win than vote! Don't just say and criticise.

Personally for me, I will have to go for Sezairi. Not because he is malay but because he is a very potential and capable guy. Just look at how he deliver his songs each week.

Just look at how he nailed that both song.
Such a good satisfaction.


kenwooi said...

both seems good =)


Aisyah~ said...

hehe yeah :)
thats y i support him .