Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dear Bloggie,

Finally the winner of IDOLA CILIK 2 is DEBO!
Well for some of you people out there,Idola Cilik is an indonesian singing contest for the kids. Since the first time it has been playing through the MNC channel(the indonesian channel),i've always been watching it without failed. And yeah Debo deserved to win. I've been voting for him and the SMS is not a waste afterall. All the best to you Debo, now your dreams have come true. May you be a good kid :) I will definitely support you by buying your album once you have launch one.

Here is a video of him at the Grand Final singing "Bintang yang bersinar".Written by Rian D Masiv.

A video which made me cry. After almost 4 years separated from his mum cause his mum is working at Dubai and its difficult for her to travel back because of money,here she is supporting her son by coming back home to see him and support him at the Grand Final.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Dear Bloggie,

I really hate when a guy who is in a relationship fooling around in the internet and trying to make friends with other girls. I don't know why but it is just pissing me off.


So when i actually checking out on his profile,tada a picture of him and his girlfriend was there. Tell me whats the point of actually wanting to know another girl? Isn't she good enough for you?
Gosh i pity that girlfriend of his. Boyfriend fooling around and who knows girlfriend is right now sleeping without knowing. Frankly speaking if i were to find out my boyfriend is actually doing the same thing as him, i actually will freak out mind you! Well but i'm still single so i still can mingle around hehe. But really whats the point?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dear Bloggie,

Hong Kong..


Gold Coast..

Reason why i listed out some of this places is because..I need a break! I need to go somewhere. For a holiday i mean! But where? Thats the difficult part. Thought of going hong kong but not too sure about that and best of all is,no one to accompany me. Mum is busy working and sister is too young to travel with me. Dad? i don't think so. Maybe travel alone is not a bad idea but i should go on a tour then. That will be more safer. Oh i just can't make up my mind. When to go is another question! Or maybe i should go somewhere nearby.

Genting highland?


Dear Bloggie,

If you noticed, there is more and more articles about women getting pregnant before married or even getting an abortion. I felt angry and sad. Angry cause they are so stupid to get themselves involved in this kind of situation. Sad cause the poor baby is killed by the method called abortion.

What is an abortion?

Abortion is ending a pregnancy early before the foetus can survive outside the womb. If it occur spontaneously or naturally, it’s commonly referred to as a “miscarriage”. This is usually because the foetus has passed away in the womb. Under these circumstances, the pregnancy may be expelled from the womb naturally or may require surgery.
Abortion can also be induced. The foetus together with the placenta is expelled from the womb before it is developed enough to survive and will result in its death.Abortion means the voluntary termination of pregnancy.

How is abortion performed?

You will have to see a gynaecologist who will examine you and send you for ultrasound scan to find out how far advanced your pregnancy and if the foetus is in the correct location in the womb. If it is outside the womb,it is potentially life threatening.


  • Bleeding which may require hospitalisation and blood transfusion

  • Damage to cervix which may result in early delivery or pregnancy loss in subsequent pregnancies. To reduce this, medication is inserted in the vagina before the procedure

  • Perforation (making a hole) in the womb which may require further surgery

  • Infection which can cause fever and pain and hospitalisation. This may impair future fertility

  • Rarely, scarring of the lining of the womb such that you may not have menses any more. It can also cause difficulty getting pregnant in the future.

Do they think before doing this kind of things? At the first place where is your safety then?No point regret after that. Cause you have already commited a sin. To me the one suffering is the woman and not man. Look at the risks itself doesn't it scares all of you. Doing it is easy but after that its not gonna be easy anymore.

Look at the poor baby..

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dear Bloggie,

Have not been blogging for quite sometime busy as usual. Anyway was down with fever last 2 days. 38.4 that was my temperature. Quite high right? Feeling better now and i'm back to work only today. Work is piling and piling non stop. Tried to finish one,another one comes in. How i wish i could just stay at home shaking my leg and money will just come. Well that's fantasy and the reality is this! Life as a human is this way. Sometimes i just can't stand with people at work. Pushing around things to other colleagues. Telling that they are not capable in doing some of the things that are given to them. Craps! Can't stand this kind of people and i wonder why do they still keep this people around. Can't do this can't do that,so tell me what can you do then?

Enough talking and stressing,if not i will fall more sick. Tomorrow i'm on leave. Why? Cause most of the clinics are blocked as they are having MBBS Exams.Yippee another rest day for me. So happy about it. Anyway dedicate this song to all of you. Love the rhythm and lyrics cause it actual reflect me :D

Masih Ada - Ello

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dear Bloggie,

Finally my computer is working well again. Thanks to my dad friend who helped to repair this computer of mine. Have not been updating my blog or even checking my mails due to that. 

Anyway I'm on leave today,only for a day due to my dad medical appointment. Well every few months he will have to visit the doctor to check his sugar level cause he suffered from diabetes. Although doctor said results was quite ok,but he still thinks that my dad has to cut down on sugary food and also try to exercise and maintain his weight. Glad to hear that from the doctor :)

Lately i've been involving myself in a project called Management of AVF Patients. A project or KAIZEN to improve on our workflow. We were given 5 days to finish the project and then will have to present it to our CEO and COO. Imagined in such a short timing. I'm glad everything turned out well although on the day of the presentation itself we have some hiccups like we can't opened the file or so on.