Saturday, June 6, 2009

30 May 2009.

Sujinah's Advanced Birthday Celebration.
Venue: Woodlands Blk 602.
Dresscode:Dress tube

Basically we have all this planned up by the four of us.
We want to make a surprised for her.
And indeed we did.
We lied to her that we are gonna have a makeover at dayah's house as her mum is going overseas and no one will be around at her house.
Infact,it was all a tricked.

Here are some of the foods that we prepared.

Me holding her birthday cake specially home made by siti.

There she is with her all blue dressing and with her sunglass on cause she did not apply any make up.She was indeed very surprised and lost of words.The only thing she said was "Oh Ok,Thank you" with no expression haha! Maybe she is shocked.

Blowing candles.

Barbeque time..

And yeah overall we had a great time indeed.As what dayah said,"Barbeque is all about the smoke".Haha we all laughed the moment she said that.Anyway we hope that you enjoy the advanced birthday celebration jinah :)