Thursday, May 31, 2007

Vesak day.

finally a public holiday yeah!time for a rest at home.well i cancel my meet wif my bf cause i'm too tired cum lazy to go out i rather stay at home to rest but i do miss him though.i'm soo sori dear if you are reading this will meet u up this saturday aite and thanks for being understanding love u dear.

well the whole day i've been watching tv cause there's alot of great show today which i can't miss.especially shallow hal and 50 first date i just love that two movie.i can actually watch it repeatedly cause its soo romantic other then that i've been washing clothes as well as cleaning up the weather was great cause it was raining in the afternoon if not i bet it will be damn hot.was thinking to go for a jog but was too lazy though maybe next time i guess.

tomorrow will be another day at work.i do have lots of stuff to follow up tomorrow.patient results,scans and alot more.i will need to finish up everything by tomorrow.guess i will have to come early to work and not to forget after work i will be having my class.gosh i guess i will be soo shagged.i will have to sleep early today in order to be more active tomorrow hah.nite everyone =)