Wednesday, May 23, 2007


work was real light yesterday in the morning i was at sports clinic i really miss those days while i was at usual i will be assisting jimmy there.although he has quite a number of patients but only a few turn up.managed to finish in time though.afternoon was even better no clinic at all.went to get some consent forms to print out all those colonoscopy and ogd thing untill my hand was cut by the paper real deeply.ouch! was very painful wrap it up with tegaderm and at least the pain reduces.

after work i went straight to NUH to meet a friend of mine who was admitted.asked my best friend to come along but she can't make it so i went there by myself.luckily i managed to find his ward 66 bed 1 rm 1 went inside and i saw him reading newspapers all by himself.i bought him some food to eat my favourite mr bean pancake hope he eats it la hehe.had a long chat with him accompanying him there, his family members finally arrived to visit him at about 8 with his sister in law and stuff i left the hospital at about 9 plus right after anugerah.well hopefully his eyes will be fine la can see that he's really worried about it although he didn't tell but it does show from his face well take care tarmizi.