Monday, November 5, 2007

Dear Bloggie,

Did i tell you that i sneaked on that somebody friendster yesterday and found something i don't want to see.Gosh this shouldn't be happening.So you are like happy now is it?I don't care if its salty like salt or whatever it is but i'm gonna make sure you get the same pay back oh yeah!The tears i shed,the pain i had and now you are feeling happy with that so call sweet gf of yours?Oh please what goes around comes around.I'm moving on right now but whenever i happened to see you on my msn list it makes me think about it all over again.Neither do i want you out of my list cause deep down inside i still have this love feeling for you.Its difficult,no one will understand this feeling of mine.Each day i will have to carry this feeling of mine everywhere i go and for that i changed alot.