Sunday, November 11, 2007

Dear Bloggie,

I'm confused,sometimes i feel that the respond i get is positive but sometimes i don't.I keep telling myself am i clapping with one hand without the other.People keep telling me not to hide my feelings but i definately can't.I'm that kind of person if i like,i will keep it to myself and try my best not to show it cause i prefer the other party to do so.Its hard for me now,usually i'm ok with this kind of situation where the other party will call or message whenever the other party feel like it but now i feel as if something is not right.Am i starting to go crazy over the other party?Damn its hard for me but whatever it is people always say whatever meant to be yours will be yours and i agree with that.

Oh..yah the outing was great.Meet all of my school friends was fun indeed but i arrive late due to the dinner thing,Here are some of the photos we took.