Monday, June 16, 2008

From good to bad.

Dear Bloggie,

I have not been updating here for quite sometimes as i've been busy updating at the other blog of mine which is well many things have happened for the pass few months from good to bad.

I might seems to be a cheerful or happy person outside but deep down inside a lot of things troubles me.Sometimes i wonder,why must those things happened?It is very frustrating.Facing the reality world is in fact really tough i must say.Oh god i just hope this things will have a full stop to it.I don't want it to be a continues one.

I'm happy that the dinner had ended,and the result of the dance is superb i must say.Now no more staying back late after work,no more dance practice and no more body aching haha.Whats next is family day!Oh yah i'm so excited for this coming saturday event.We are selling kacang puteh!that reminds me of my secondary school time.Kacang puteh anyone?Event will be held at my workplace soccer field.I bet its gonna be a hot day.Well just need to endure with the sun.
Me and kak sharifah suppose to go to bugis to buy our peanuts today,but because she forgotten to bring her wallet which she left it in the other handbag of hers at home,we decided to go tomorrow instead.Just hope she don't forget again tomorrow.