Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dear Bloggie,

Semusim...telah ku lewati..
If you know its actually part of marcell's song Semusim.Yes i've actually been surfing and reading his blog about his love life and daily life.He is a very good writer i must say.A very passionate person.Passionate about love.A person who knows how to appreciate.Well although his love life with his previous ex-wife has ended,but i'm sure that he had made the right decision in choosing our local artist as his fiancee.Well all the best to you both.May god bless you with happiness and joy.

There's this one thing that struck my mind.Does everyone have to get married and then divorced and then re married again to get the right happiness?Haiz..it scares me really.Thinking of it,my mum have been asking me whether i'm still single or attached?When i said no,she asked me why?Well its actually difficult to explained.Personally i think i'm still young,there's no need to rush things especially love.Love cannot be forced.For me,to know if thats the one for you,i believe in following my heart.How can you expect me to love someone which i'm not even comfortable in going out with?And to tell the truth,dating is no more in my dictionary.You might asked me why?I actually don't have a definite answer for that.Just say that i'm not comfortable in it.Weird right?haha.Yup thats me.I'm weird if you want to know.Yah i've changed.Alot actually.Maybe as you grew older each year,you tend to be more wiser in thinking.I'm not a socialize person actually.I'm a person to myself.I like to keep things to myself.And what if i grew old alone?Well i really don't know about that.Bukankah jodoh di tangan tuhan.I leave it to god.I'm sure there's someone for me out there but the time is not quite right to know who.