Monday, October 20, 2008

Dear Bloggie,

Sometimes i wonder,why does an individual became naughty?Well something bothers my mind that's why this question suddenly came out from my brain.I think there is few aspect an individual became this way.Firstly,lack of attention and love from parents.Secondly,influence by friends.That is the only 2 reasons i can think of.

A story of a young boy who was asked by parents to go out from the house for fighting with siblings regarding a small matter.For me fighting or maybe quarreling among siblings is quite common as sometimes you might have some misunderstanding between siblings,but it turn out to be so big until his parents even pack this young boy bag and show him knife to go out from their house.Isn't that sad?There is more actually.If you look at his background,he really make his parents upset by doing things that he wasn't suppose to be doing.But you see,that young boy might want to change but maybe no support from family.It's sad,it really does.Listening or reading to this kind of story really make me want to shed tears.How do you feel when parents do that to you?Maybe this young boy did not get much attention from family and instead blame him for whatever he do.I always believe both party play apart.If this young boy parents gave him moral support or at least talk/counsel him but not scolding him,he would definitely be touched and listen for once.How i wish i could help...

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dear Bloggie,

First of all i want to wish all my fellow muslim friends..Selamat Hari Raya,Maaf Zahir Dan Batin.I know its like the 4th day now but i'm really very lazy to blog these days.

Anyway today is my happiest day.Want to know why?Maybe i shall keep it as a secret.But people say if it is meant to be,it will be.Oh..i believe it's faith.Yes i do.Hope this time round will be an exciting one hopefully :)