Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tiring Tuesday.

Connection to the internet is soo slow.I wonder why.There must be something that is not right here.Hmm..Anyway today was a tiring day.I totally have no mood today.Maybe because of my "aunt dot".As usual there's always stupid things happening.I really don't understand why.Making me frustrated everyday.If only i could just shout my lungs out in the clinic,but i remain calm and steady.Oh god,only you who knows what i face everyday.I really can't stand it anymore.Everyone here has so many different characters.Well human are born that way but still work is work.

Anyway i managed to get through the HR today.He told me to submit my resume and email it to him.Supposed to do it today but i guess i'm too tired to do.Will do it maybe by tomorrow.I just hope that they will select me.Insya'allah.

That's all for now.Need to sleep.Good night everyone :)