Sunday, October 28, 2007

To my lovely friends Sujinah and Hidayah thanks for being there to celebrate my advanced birthday.I really had a great time with both of you around.Yesterday was awesome indeed.Its karaoke time at Cash Studio,Apollo Center!I was abit late as i was at the salon straightening my hair and it cost me $130.Took a taxi to there,rush in to find them and there i was singing and singing and singing.The room was nice and the best part is,it cost only $35 per room for 3 hours and we all thought it cost $35 for each person silly us.After singing our lungs out we went to Chinatown to get this thick stretchable pantyhose for D&D then to Clarke Quay to sit around and camwhore!Then went to Coffee Bean at Boat Quay and i received a sliced birthday cake from them.How sweet.It was soo yummy and chocolaty i like!Really had a great and silly time.Lots of silly things to laugh about.I can't believe that i wore two different earrings on that day haha!No wonder hidayah asked me whether i purposely do it,i was like purposely do what?she said that i purposely wore two different earrings haha!gosh i was soo shy at that point of time.Luckily that no one noticed it as it was black in colour.How silly i was!Not to forget the incident at the toilet when this funny smell suddenly appear and i could hear some creepy sounds i quickly asked sujinah to leave the toilet cause i definately feel something is not right.What a day.