Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dear Bloggie,

Today i went to my childhood friend wedding with my sister it has been awhile seen i've met her and when i get to meet her,it was on her wedding day.I'm soo happy for her didn't expect her to get married first hehe.When will mine be?haha anyway i was touched that her both brothers still remember me and wanting to meet me.Seeing her bring back those childhood memories, really miss those days well now we have grown up to be an adult and now she have become a wife to someone.Just hope that her marriage will last till eternity.

Then off we went to Bukit panjang plaza to shop around but i realise that place is not a great place to shop to so we went to Causeway point instead.It was crowded there and the sales was crazy!40% discount which person can resist that?The weather was kind of hot so i went to Gelare to grab some ice cream with my sister.I had waffles with chocolate ice cream while my sister had chocolate temptation.The waffles was soo delicious so was the ice cream.