Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dear Bloggie,

Finally my computer is working well again. Thanks to my dad friend who helped to repair this computer of mine. Have not been updating my blog or even checking my mails due to that. 

Anyway I'm on leave today,only for a day due to my dad medical appointment. Well every few months he will have to visit the doctor to check his sugar level cause he suffered from diabetes. Although doctor said results was quite ok,but he still thinks that my dad has to cut down on sugary food and also try to exercise and maintain his weight. Glad to hear that from the doctor :)

Lately i've been involving myself in a project called Management of AVF Patients. A project or KAIZEN to improve on our workflow. We were given 5 days to finish the project and then will have to present it to our CEO and COO. Imagined in such a short timing. I'm glad everything turned out well although on the day of the presentation itself we have some hiccups like we can't opened the file or so on.