Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dear Bloggie,

It has been awhile since i update my blog.Well pretty much lazy to do so.Cause from syawal onwards,there's always activities for me do to during weekends and by then i'm soo tired to do anything.And so here i am just to update u guys on what i've been doing for the pass 1 month.

11 October 2008..
5 Chick and a Hunk Beraya.
Thanks to sujinah's dad for the car.

19 October 2008..
Searching for D&D dress.
I tell you its damn hard to find just one dress.
It took us almost 1 whole day.
Went out at about 11am and at about 10pm we managed to find one nice dress for ourself.
See how fuzzy we are in choosing clothes!

25 October 2008..
Our Dinner and dance @ Swissotel The Stamford.
Had make-up done by jinah's so called friend.
Theme for the night is Fairytales.

28 October 2008..
Pre-Advanced Birthday Present.
I actually won the 26th prize during D&D!
Guess what!

29 October 2008..
My 20th birthday!
Well nothing special.
Just that i received a special cake from an unexpected friend.
Thanks danial!
Soo sweet of u!

1 Nov
ember 2008..
The belated birthday surprised!
@ Cash studio.
Thanks lovely friends for the surprised.
I enjoy the time together :))

8 November 2008..
Celebrating Aliff's birthday.
With Ayu,Aliff and me.
The rest can't make it.
We had alot of fun together!

And if you notice,i actually changed my hairstyle.Thanks to the hairdresser.It only cost me $90 for rebonding and cut.Cheap right?Till then will update soon.