Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dear Bloggie,

Didn't update for quite sometime,was actually very busy and to lazy to do so after a tired day at work.Many things happened through out these days.Well i'm getting sick and tired of people around me nowadays.They can sometime be nice or act nice.Thats why i rather to do my own work and not involved myself in stupid things they do.About a week ago was my dinner and dance,had alot of fun indeed performance was alright but i still think its too short.The food was not bad but i just couldn't eat due to my stomachache.Having these problems for quite sometimes already but i just refused to get a check up.So many thing is coming up like our SOC year end party,standard chartered medical coverage and ISO.They are like one after another.Oh yah!i received a flower basket filled with fruits from a patient's son of mine.How nice is he.The card wrote,
For: Miss Siti Aisyah(Clinic K,Alexandra Hospital)
Thanks for your help that you have render to my father.
How sweet,well thank you very much its soo lovely anyway its my job to help.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Dear Bloggie,

I'm confused,sometimes i feel that the respond i get is positive but sometimes i don't.I keep telling myself am i clapping with one hand without the other.People keep telling me not to hide my feelings but i definately can't.I'm that kind of person if i like,i will keep it to myself and try my best not to show it cause i prefer the other party to do so.Its hard for me now,usually i'm ok with this kind of situation where the other party will call or message whenever the other party feel like it but now i feel as if something is not right.Am i starting to go crazy over the other party?Damn its hard for me but whatever it is people always say whatever meant to be yours will be yours and i agree with that.

Oh..yah the outing was great.Meet all of my school friends was fun indeed but i arrive late due to the dinner thing,Here are some of the photos we took.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Dear Bloggie,

For the first time everything that i planned is ruin.I feel so disappointed.Seriously i don't know what gonna happen later on.Oh god,please don't make it happen atleast infront or behind me.I don't wish to know about it.And if from that point of time i know about all the stuff i will promise myself,no more contact with you no more!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Dear Bloggie,

Did i tell you that i sneaked on that somebody friendster yesterday and found something i don't want to see.Gosh this shouldn't be happening.So you are like happy now is it?I don't care if its salty like salt or whatever it is but i'm gonna make sure you get the same pay back oh yeah!The tears i shed,the pain i had and now you are feeling happy with that so call sweet gf of yours?Oh please what goes around comes around.I'm moving on right now but whenever i happened to see you on my msn list it makes me think about it all over again.Neither do i want you out of my list cause deep down inside i still have this love feeling for you.Its difficult,no one will understand this feeling of mine.Each day i will have to carry this feeling of mine everywhere i go and for that i changed alot.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Dear Bloggie,

I didn't know that doing research is damn difficult and stressful especially when u type this few words in googles which you want to find out about and all those rubbish websites they gave you.I think i will have to go to the library tomorrow and borrow some books.I really have a stressful time at work especially handling demanding patients and recently i got headache easily maybe due to thinking too much.Work is getting busier each day with many patients and not to forget that man whom i'm working with right now trying to understand him each day with his mood swing.Seriously he can just suddenly blow up because of the computer and that scares me cause he will just bang anything infront of him.Please be nice.Well i'm learning his characters each day,the way he work and do procedures.

Suppose to go to a "kenduri" today but at the end me and jinah decided not to.Sorry tam its not that i don't want you to send me there but its just that i'm not use to riding a bike with "baju kurung" and i don't think so my friend will be comfortable in riding your friend's bike.I appreciate it though atleast today i know how you feel towards me and it really makes me smile =D

Time flies so fast and tomorrow will be another stressful day at work.Gosh can i have holidays everyday?I wish i could but too bad these is life isn't it.Yeah another dance practise tomorrow.Did i tell you about it dear bloggie?I will be performing on my Dinner & Dance this coming 16 November yeah its gonna be so cool!It has been long since i step a stage to perform cause i just love performing.Miss those times in secondary school years ago where we almost performed in every show.Wished i could turn back time.Alright i will have to stop here i guess back to my research,nighty night!