Thursday, March 13, 2008

Done and over with.

Dear Bloggie,

Finally all 4 papers is done!I'm so glad about it.I just have to wait for my result which is about a months time i guess.You can't imagine the fever and headache i had gosh it really is such a burden especially during your exam period its really difficult to study in that condition but well i pull it through and today is the last paper.Been doing revision all day long and i actually woke up at 4am all along just to get the last minute touch up things which i might miss.Oh well i think i did fairly well.Well done aisyah!hah.

My grandma which is from my dad side was admitted to tan tock seng hospital.Went there to pay her a visit yesterday with my dad and my sister.She look really weak doctor said that shes lack of potassium.Don't quite really know when she will be able to discharged but i just pray hard that she will get well soon.

Alright will be so call a first day at not in a mood for that.Been MIA for work for quite sometimes i just feel like not returning but what can i do,i had to.I actually have the thought off...but nevermind.Just hope that no extra assignment for me to do tomorrow like follow up and stuff till the next blog i need to do some housework now.