Monday, December 31, 2007

Dear Bloggie,

Its new year eve and i'm still not sure whether should i stay put at home today or celebrate countdown outside well i will have to decide later i guess.2007 have been a bad year i guess.I would describe most of the time,upsets happened.The things i've been through was taft indeed but with the support of my family and friends i finally can pull it through.I still remember the incident happened to my family.Gosh no words could described that,how we managed to find help and stuff it was really not easy but we make it as a family.Oh yah my 2008 new year resolution will be spending more times with my family.I just hope that my mum will come back often here and spend time with us although i know she's working hard there.To complete my course and proceed to diploma just hope that i could finish it by september 2008.Having a new boyfriend in my life?hmm..never thought of that actually,i still prefer the way i am right now.I don't have to worry about anything but tell you frankly i think i have a phobia,phobia for guys haha.I just want to finish up my driving license by this 2008 if possible and one more thing is to be much more punctual when meeting people.Alright thats all for my new year resolution anyway HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!