Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dear Bloggie,

Had a great time going out with my family.And yeah as you can see from the above pictures,we are at our all time favourite place the Seoul Garden.We eat and eat till we can't even eat anymore.Next makan place will be at Carousel or Han's River.

John Legend.
Totally recommend all to listen to his new album.
Especially one of his song which is GREEN LIGHT.
Such a great song.
I'm sure you guys will groove once you listen to it!
Dear Bloggie,

Yes its already 1am in the morning and i'm still awake.Thought of sleeping early but then my eyes are not sleepy yet.For your info,my ankle is swollen.All because of yesterday rushing to meet my friends at the carpark while going down the stairs,i sprained it.Luckily no one was there looking at me.Thought it won't swelled cause it looks fine yesterday,but today it gets all swelled up.The right ankle is looking bigger than the left ankle.I was limping all the way.
Although its abit difficult for me to walk,i still have to go to my grandmother house to meet my niece and nephew as i already promised to accompany them to rollerblade.Too bad i only can watched them play rather than joining them.Well you might asked me why do i still went out looking at my condition?As you know,kids if we promised them,we definately have to keep our promised if not they will be dissapointed.So to avoid that,i actually bring them to the place where they really wanted so much to play.45 minutes is better than nothing right?I know they wanted to play much longer but can't as later on i'm gonna meet my family at Ten Mile Junction to buy groceries.So send the kids back home to my grandma house and had my dinner there too while waiting for my sis to call me once she reached bukit panjang.Guess what?Got a free massage from my grandma although i told her that i do not want her to do so.Why?Cause i'm afraid of pain.hehe.But its worth it actually cause after the massage my leg feels abit better.Anyway thank you soo much granny!

Once i received a call from my sis,off i went and proceed to meet them there at Ten Mile.We really grabbed alot of things cause my mum said,just GRAB AND GO!We really did that and total cost for everything was $300.Alot huh?Oh yah i also bought a new microphone for myself.These time is not wireless.The previous one which my daddy bought for us is totally useless!Can't work at all.So with the new microphone at home,now i can sing peacefully hehe.I totally love it!

When we get home,one of the bonus questions my mum asked was "Aisyah do you have a boyfriend?".I said no and she asked me why.I was like huh?Are you kidding mum?haha.Still young don't worry.And there she started saying about her workers and friends at malaysia.Told her even though i don't managed to find one,there's always a matchmaking company haha!