Sunday, May 20, 2007

why suddenly?

oh god y he came out of a sudden?after all those hurt tears i've gone thru and now he came bck talking to me.the reason that i've been waiting all this while is still not answered all he could sae was its difficult to say out here as he's having some problem n he will tell me when he meets me one day.gosh you should have just not bother me all the long like u did dissapearing just like that i'm happy with someone else suddenly u appear.oh god please give me the strength.what does this all means?

boring sunday.

its sunday the day for me to rest,cleaning up and washing my stuff.woke up late today at about 12 plus i guess as per normal switch on my com to check my mail.well i still can't forget the incident yesterday but its ok i will just keep it quietly to myself just lets see what happen only god knows.i had chicken rice for breakfast thanks to dad.mum didn't come back today so it was a bit quiet at home.plan today was cancel cause he was busy with his work stuff but its ok i understand.time pass by so fast all i did today was surfing the net.tomorrow is another day for me another busy day.i just hope everything will be fine tomorrow.oh ya not to forget i'm having a mock test tomorrow better start learning.