Sunday, November 4, 2007

Dear Bloggie,

I didn't know that doing research is damn difficult and stressful especially when u type this few words in googles which you want to find out about and all those rubbish websites they gave you.I think i will have to go to the library tomorrow and borrow some books.I really have a stressful time at work especially handling demanding patients and recently i got headache easily maybe due to thinking too much.Work is getting busier each day with many patients and not to forget that man whom i'm working with right now trying to understand him each day with his mood swing.Seriously he can just suddenly blow up because of the computer and that scares me cause he will just bang anything infront of him.Please be nice.Well i'm learning his characters each day,the way he work and do procedures.

Suppose to go to a "kenduri" today but at the end me and jinah decided not to.Sorry tam its not that i don't want you to send me there but its just that i'm not use to riding a bike with "baju kurung" and i don't think so my friend will be comfortable in riding your friend's bike.I appreciate it though atleast today i know how you feel towards me and it really makes me smile =D

Time flies so fast and tomorrow will be another stressful day at work.Gosh can i have holidays everyday?I wish i could but too bad these is life isn't it.Yeah another dance practise tomorrow.Did i tell you about it dear bloggie?I will be performing on my Dinner & Dance this coming 16 November yeah its gonna be so cool!It has been long since i step a stage to perform cause i just love performing.Miss those times in secondary school years ago where we almost performed in every show.Wished i could turn back time.Alright i will have to stop here i guess back to my research,nighty night!