Tuesday, May 8, 2007

mummy's day.

gosh i'm still cracking my head thinking of what should i get or do during mother's day.ask my sister to help but useless,she has totally no idea.well i thought of baking her a cake instead rather then buying it from outside.atleast it shows how much i love her by making her that cake with my own hand and with love from the bottom of my heart.how sweet isn't it?hah.but there's still another problem,i don't know what cake to make.hmm..browse some of the cake books that i have.my eyes was caught by this chocolate cake.maybe i should make that.ya chocolate cake.yummy!hehe. definately i will ask my sister and my dad to help me with this or atleast accompany me while i was making that cake.hope that everything will turn out as plan.

work today was alright, although the workload was not that bad but i still feel very tired.i guess i've not been having enough rest.mayb i slept late the pass few days.

i think i'm getting chubbier hah.i have been eating and eating.gosh craving for food and stuff just like a pregnant lady.haha.i guess its because of my aunt dot thing.its actually normal for me to crave for food especially when i'm about to have my aunt dot.but i hate it cause it will make me gain that kg.i guess i must work something out,have not been doing running lately cause i was soo busy with work and studies.the only day i will be free is on tuesday and thursday but it all depends cause sometimes i feel soo tired.well if there's a will there's a way.i definately must put on my running shoes back!