Sunday, July 15, 2007

I love this song alot.ok i know i'm not really into malay songs but when i hear this during some advertisement in the tv yesterday i thought it was really a nice one.actually the rhythm is from one of this chinese boyband call F4 if i'm not wrong but the malay version is not bad either and the most of all the person singing it is DAMN CUTE!haha with his dimples.alright enjoy the music video.

i've been staying at home the whole day doing housework.vacuum-ing,mop-ing,sweep-ing,wip-ing.alot of hard work but i like it when its all done.grandma cook for us curry chicken its soo yummy!it has been along time since i ate her cooking as you know i'm soo busy with my own life and i got no time to visit her.maybe i will make the time to go there when i'm free.mum didn't went home today and its like the 3 of us at home quite boring actually but the only thing that i do to keep myself happy is to surf the net.

tomorrow is another day.will be having my evaluation again in the morning i realli hope that i will do well this time but guess what till now i've not be revising maybe in a while i guess.its already 1 am and i'm not asleep yet.better get to bed real soon cause i need to wake up early as i'll need to reach bbdc by 7.45am.

life have been plain boring,WORK-SCHOOL-HOME and that's the only thing i've been doing all these while.maybe i should go out more often i guess spend my time alone outside take fresh air and stuff yeah i will do that but perhaps i'm not lazy.

although its have been quite sometime but do you know that ur face really does hunt me everywhere i don't actually talk to me only once that time but i don't know why you really gave me that hard impact in my life until i really can't forget you.although i know its impossible for us to be together again cause i noe your aim is to enjoy life till the fullest and by that before you left me just like that you don't even think how i friends told me that its no use for me to think about you but i tried but the thing is i can't forget you till now.