Sunday, December 28, 2008

Just updating on what i've been doing lately..

19 December 2008 was our department christmas party.Well this year was quite boring not as exciting as last year.Went there just to support.But the best thing is i won the 2nd prize for lucky draw!Alhamdulilah!

25 December 2008 was Christmas.Since the following day was Syafiqah's birthday,we take this opportunity to surprised her with a mini celebration at the bottle tree park.

After the long day at the park,we went to catch a movie called TWILIGHT.Such a romantic movie i must say.A must watch movie too!I don't mind watching it for the second time.Oh yah,the actors are quite good looking too hehe.Especially Jackson rathbone :D

27 December 2008,just changed my nokia phone to LG.Courtesy of mum.I really love it.Thanks Mum!