Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dear Bloggie,

Didn't update for quite sometime,was actually very busy and to lazy to do so after a tired day at work.Many things happened through out these days.Well i'm getting sick and tired of people around me nowadays.They can sometime be nice or act nice.Thats why i rather to do my own work and not involved myself in stupid things they do.About a week ago was my dinner and dance,had alot of fun indeed performance was alright but i still think its too short.The food was not bad but i just couldn't eat due to my stomachache.Having these problems for quite sometimes already but i just refused to get a check up.So many thing is coming up like our SOC year end party,standard chartered medical coverage and ISO.They are like one after another.Oh yah!i received a flower basket filled with fruits from a patient's son of mine.How nice is he.The card wrote,
For: Miss Siti Aisyah(Clinic K,Alexandra Hospital)
Thanks for your help that you have render to my father.
How sweet,well thank you very much its soo lovely anyway its my job to help.