Sunday, April 29, 2007

wonderful sunday.

today was boring indeed but who cares my mum is at home.yeah finally get to meet her after two weeks.plan today was to stay at home cause i wanna watch dance floor and cheetah girls 2!wow such a great show which i definately can't miss.i'm sorry that i rejected in you asking me out but i really want to stay at home.ok forget about that i actually woke up early today.hmm..i guess around 8 maybe? per normal the first thing i will do once i'm awake from sleep is to on my computer.i simply can't live without my com.its like part of my life maybe daily life.hah.check my mail,my friendster and logging into my msn.

feeling kind of hungry so me n my sis decided to order mcdonalds.yummy!well we order double cheeseburger meal for my sis,fish fillet meal for me,chicken nuggets for my mum and cheese burger for dad.while waiting for the food to arrive,i feel like karaokeing hah.ask my sis to duet with me cause it has been a long time since we sing my house was abit chaotic though with me and my sis singing and my mum shouting hah.but who cares as long as i'm with my family i'm happy enough.finally the mcdonald man arrive with our food in his usual we will ask dad to pay for it.we had our food as well as watching vcd at the same time.the cd we watch was call qabil khushry qabil igam it was a malay film.well its such a sad story i recommend you all to watch it.

yeah finally dance floor has start couldn't wait for them to show their moves.hah.well i definately support fantastic 4 for sure but they really dissapoint me tonight cause they were not energetic enough today.i could see that one of them are nervous.but its alright results was fair enough i guess, vas and pris deserve to win.they are totally a powerful i wish i could be the one dancing there passion for dancing is soo strong but joining those kind of clubs or group i really got no time at all.maybe i should keep it as a hidden talent.well my mum always gets to see me dance at home.haha.ok enough for now time to bath.