Saturday, April 5, 2008

Dear Bloggie,

This pass few weeks i've been very busy with work and lack of rest.When i was about to recover and regain back my energy after all those tiring days,next week will be another stuck up week.Gosh if you were to look at the assignment,i will have a very busy week again.I can't afford to miss my class for next week.I seriously thought of just leaving that place and don't have to worry about other things.The stressful part is when i will be assisting the consultants.You know they have their own style of working and we have to follow it.I had enough of one,tell you his attitude sometimes really stress me off.I always pray that everything will run smooth everyday but when mistake happens,you can't run from it anyway.And for the pass few weeks i've done alot of mistake actually,i think only i know.That's because i'm too shagged,too many things to follow up,sick and tired of doing the same old thing.It bores me really.I can see that i'm no more that energetic girl that i used to be i am soo tired that i actually went home on time this few days if not i will stay behind late to actually prepare my stuff for the next day,and i've started to come to work late.Haiz i got no words to say.

After all those stress week yesterday was our so called "DESTRESS NIGHT".We went to cash studio and sing our lungs out.It was a fun night i think i need to do that more often with my friends.I don't get to do that everyday but maybe once in a while would be great.

I think that's all for now.Will update again soon.Quote for the day, Too many things so little time.