Monday, February 25, 2008

Its monday.

Dear Bloggie,

Monday blues asusual.Took a cab early in the morning to work due to sleepy + laziness.Went to my favourite malay stall around my area to buy breakfast but was very upset when it was closed.No noticed no nothing,usually they will open the stall real early,well i got myself tea and toast instead ate it in the cab when i was on my way to work.Luckily it was not jammed cause i will definately reached work just in time and the fare will be much more than you can imagine.Get myself changed right after i reached there and proceed to our clinic role call.Nothing special about role call today but my so call "student" is late and never you can imagine she actually wanted to resign.The moment when i hear that my face totally changed.So difficult to described but my hardwork and effort are all wasted.Sometimes i rather to work or run my clinic alone rather than having someone to teach and end up she decided to leave.Well whatever it is good luck in your new job.

Tomorrow will be that fussy doctor again hah.Prepared all his casenotes right after i finished my afternoon clinic and i went back home late at about 6.30pm.I bet tomorrow i will be like a mad woman running here and there cause he do have alot of patients tomorrow.I don't mind review patients but when comes to first visit gosh you never can imagine his ultrasound his scope his procedures too many things to handle and for that i chuck patients casenotes one side and tidy up at the end of the clinic.I just hope everything will run smoothly tomorrow.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Random story.

Dear Bloggie,

Today's weather was really hot i could feel the heat and even though i switch on my fan to the higher i still feel warm.Best friend call me up early in the morning and wanted to come over my house as she wanted to use my computer to download songs.Met her at lot 1 shopping mall to get ourself breakfast.My intention there was to buy a sport shoe for myself since my previous one was thrown by my dad.Bought a reebok sport shoe which cost me $71.90.The price was not too bad i don't intend to buy expensive one like adidas or nike cause i just wanna use it for running and not for show.Yes i really need to start my running soon i think i've gain weight!haha.

Yesterday was pay day wee!Gosh finally i'm rich again haha.Well i went out with my sister to chinatown to buy all my personal stuff there from moisturiser cream,pantyhose and etc.I really love to buy those things there cause they are cheap.After getting the stuff i want,went straight to vivocity to look around.Wanted to buy a pants buy end up i bought dippin donuts and chocolates at chocolate empire as nothing interest me there.Went to all the boutiques from zara,topshop and forever 21 all the clothes there bore me nothing really caught my eyes.Well i'm abit fussy went choosing clothes.Thats me anyway but which lady are not right?hah.

The new supplement that i've bought has making me go in and out of the toilet.They told me that it means the supplement does work cause it flushes away all our toxic in the body.Its good for the immune system and avoid us from sickness thats what they told me.I'm vigourously eating that supplement and i'm going to continue eating it if it really works.

Sunday, February 3, 2008


Dear Bloggie,

I just came back from household shopping with mummy,daddy and my younger sister.Oh..i had alot of time everytime we go for household shopping cause i can grab anything that i want.As usual the place that we will proceed to is sheng shiong as it is very near our place and very reasonable price too.Due to chinese new year,the place was really pack with people maybe because its like 3 days left to their new year that why they are busy buying stuff.The grabber which is me and my sister we will just grab anything that we want without any hesitation and stuff it inside the big trolley and by then the trolley will be full of our things.Total cost for the whole stuff that we bought is $250,it worth it.

Tomorrow will be another day at work gosh just don't feel like going to work cause i think i still lack of rest but luckily,tuesday i will be having product knowledge training and wednesday will be a half day clinic as most of the doctors block their clinic due to chinese new year eve and after that will be having a long holiday.Regarding my training on tuesday i just hate it when we have to use our uniform.Sometimes i wonder why do they set this kind of stupid rules aren't we adult enough to wear what we like?They really treat us like a small children.I will just wait and see whether the rules is set by my own supervisor or our ceo.

Friday, February 1, 2008

First entry.

Dear Bloggie,

This is my first mutiply blog entry as you can see the previous post was actually import from my blog thats why it was in the year 2007.Finally its saturday a day for me to rest at home i'm actually looking forward to weekends.Well no plans for today i think i will just have to stay at home and watch the vcds that i've rented yesterday at Lot 1 or even surfing the net as usual.I've always rented a thai comedy movie cause i think its a hilarious one.

Mummy will be back home soon.Oh i just can't wait for her return,so that we could go out together.As per normal i will always be at home with daddy while my sister will be hanging ard outside with friends quite boring though but i' used to it anyway.

Do you guys loves to watch korean drama?Oh i just love watching it especially the one every saturday at 3pm till 5pm.The title is call "save the last dance" a very romantic and sad story it really touched my heart untill sometimes it shed me to tears maybe because it reminds me of my pass love experience.I will have to stop here for now as the drama is starting soon will update more soon.