Sunday, June 17, 2007

i still do think of you.i still do care.well its true people say u tend to love the person that left.i know its a decision i made.partly the reason is i rather be a loner.cause i'm use to it.i'm not those type that always hang around.i do if i feel like it.whenever u r in a relationship spending time together is a must if u don't the other party will think that you are not interested.maybe i'm just not ready for that and the word is commitment.well if we are meant to be,we will be together again one day.i leave it to god to show me the way.

as usual sunday is the day to rest at home.woke up at around 10am thx to a friend of mine who woke me up wif a sms saying that he lost all his contacts in msn poor thing.had mcdonalds with my sis and dad for breakfast my mum didn't came home this week maybe next week i guess.well wrote down in a piece of paper plan for up the house as well as my room,wash clothes,sweep the floor and clean up my cupboard.everything is done by 5.30pm.

ok i've become chubbier really.i need to lose some KG for sure!i need to stop eating all those chocolates but i can't i'm always craving for it hah.whenever i ask my friends how do i lose weight i always get the same old answer that i'm fine and i'm not fat.stop it ok i know myself well i think i have to do something about it really gosh i dunwan to gain weight again :(