Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bright saturday afternoon.

Dear Bloggie,

A bright Saturday afternoon.Finally its weekend the moment I've been waiting for.Woke up early this morning at about 8am although i slept quite late yesterday.I always have this sleeping habits if i sleep late the previous day,the next day i will wake up quite early but if i were to sleep early i will sure wake up late the next day ha ha isn't that weird?

Plan today was to stay at home.No mood to go out or something.Actually i've been staying at home for the past few weekends.I guess i'm just too lazy to go anywhere.Luckily i have this cinta fitri VCD to accompany me hehe.

Oh yeah I've been planning on going to overseas most probably next month to Bangkok i guess.I really need to get out from this country real fast.I guess i just need a break and a new fresh air.And at the same time I've been browsing around the net for places to go most probably next year January.I plan to go to gold coast yeah!A very nice place.Looking out for package tour with Chan brothers since I'm going there alone.Alright till here then still need to browse around.