Monday, August 27, 2007

my eyes is like a panda!gosh i'm so sleepy and tired,don't feel like going to work in the morning but i forced myself to wake up and per normal in the morning i will set my hair up put a bit of make up but these morning i really can't be bothered that shows how sleepy i am.took a cab to work just because i'm too lazy to take a mrt and in the cab i can continue my sleep which i lack off.reached work at about 8.20am.the first thing in my mind was to went back home after my morning clinic and i did my half day leave was approved.

my trip to malaysia was great indeed although we had to took a van instead of the tour bus because alot of them back up.met up with the rest at chinese garden mrt station at about 7am and off we went.only 9 of us were going but we had fun indeed all of them are very friendly and made the trip more fun and enjoyable.reached KL at about 1.30pm,checked in to our hotel put our stuff and off we went to shop.the hotel that we stayed in was noble hotel,not bad i could say but i think the toilet could be improved on.well me and jinah wouldn't want to waste our time as we will be there for only 2 days 1 night so time is precious.time is always precious when comes to shopping haha.just below our hotel there's a lot of shops around it is called masjid india.the place is popular for their "tudung" and "kain" i think it is good to go there if you intend to buy "kain" for hari night we went to petaling street my ever favourite place!alot of bags to choose and sujinah spent about a few hundreds there from bag to there you must know how to bargain with them if not they gave you a high price as high as RM950.gosh isn't that so much?i overheard the seller conversation with the overseas customer.sometime i have to pretend that i am from their country if not i bet they would have given me that kind of price too.after spending about 2 hours there we went back to our hotel and rest.we are so tired walking around that i had to ask jinah to massage me.

the next day we had to wake up at 8.30am for breakfast.the breakfast was not that bad,had nasi lemak and some banana fritters.after breakfast we went up to our hotel get prepared to continue shopping again as we left with few hours before we checked out from our hotel and proceed back to and sujinah can sure walk around the area just like our own country.that is so called our last minute shopping.our last minute to get whatever we wanted to.1pm we left our hotel goodbye KL hello Singapore.after all the long trip we reached here at about 9.30pm finally.the driver dropped us at boon lay took a cab and went straight home.

the stuff there are so cheap that i spend a few hundreds there.i want to go again but to bangkok for the next trip.yeah i can't wait!