Monday, July 21, 2008


Dear Bloggie,

I just feel like hitting something!
Gosh really!
Such a fickle minded!
Well you are not the one facing it.
I am the one for your information.

Monday 21/7/08.

Dear Bloggie,

I've already arrived at work earlier on.Took a cab with my mum as well as my sister.Send her to school,send my mum and then proceed to my workplace.That will be the routine for every monday morning perhaps my mum is here.Luckily it's not jam.As you know its peak hours.

Oh ya yesterday we had this mini celebration to celebrate aidern 1st birthday.Time really pass by so fast i thought i just saw him as a new born baby.We order a cake from kak nita one of my multiply contact.The cake suppose to be an image icing but change to spongebob instead due to some error in the printing.But who cares the spongebob cake is really nice too.It's soo nice until i don't even there to eat it hehe.Will order with you again in future :))

I can't wait for 25 july!Want to know why?Its bonus day!!Yippee!Gosh i will sure to shop till i drop.But too bad the singapore sales is ending.But wait,thailand is having sales in august.Oh i just can't wait to go there.

Till here then.

Happy working :))