Saturday, September 22, 2007

What a hot saturday afternoon.Its definately good for washing clothes as it will dry much faster.Woke up at 11am,i know its abit late well i slept late last night.Don't get the wrong idea alright i do woke up for sahur just now.Check my mail and friendster listening to music.I really hate if people keep bothering me with those message in msn.Don't you just get it?I don't want you to bother me anymore gosh! its soo hard for them to understand thats why sometimes i just prefer to stay offline and chat with the person i want to chat with.Opps secret has revealed!haha.Here are the things i need to do today:
1) Change bedsheet
2)Wash clothes
3)Sweep the floor
4)Do assignments
I've been a very good girl nowadays seriously!Didn't went out weekends for months i guess.Totally not in a mood and the things i do at home are always cleaning the house and surfing the net basicaly thats all.Talking about whether i'm bored or not?Hmm..partially yes as i've been doing the same thing on all the weekends and partially no cause my family is around with me.But sad,mummy is not here today she will only be back next week and next week will be painting the house week!yeah going to buy the paint real soon i'm soo eager.I wonder what colour should i paint my house?Thought of green but i want it to be my room colour ok i need to start looking for colours now.
Have you guys ever went to the Victoria's Secret PINK site before?Gosh i tell you i go crazy looking at their stuff.Nice designs and lovely colours it really does attract my attention.Too bad they don't have a store in singapore,if they do that will be my next favourite shop.But i will definately want to buy these two things online but the only thing is how much will it cost total for shipping and stuff?I bet its gonna cost me alot but i really wanna get this two things nevermind maybe i will get some advised from people who often shop online.

Ok what got my attention again was these cupcakes-momma which i happened to browse around the net just now!Its damn nice,unique and also very colourful.Two thumbs up for the lady who has such a great talent and also very creative ideas in doing these.I think she have more than a 1000 different cupcakes posted at her web.I'm definately going to place an order real soon.Yeah maybe for some occasions.