Monday, September 24, 2007

Today was a tiring day seriously i need someone to massage my leg please!Thanks to tarmizi atleast he makes me forget my tiredness for a while.Believe it or not i only had maagi just now,was really tired to get myself a proper food.Ok i can't wait tarmizi you better cook for me i don't care hehe don't you ever try to twist your words cause i will be waiting.And please,please,please deliver it to my house rather than i come to your house can?haha."Ayam masak lemak chilli padi" is the dish i asked for isn't he sweet?

At work i learned alot of new things today.Learned how to assist vuscular from Tang.Well its quite easy actually if you notice it.The difficult part is that you will have to fax or photocopy stuff to NUH as we don't do some procedures in AH.Btw thanks for the compliments i accept it and it motivates me to do a more excellent job was happy actually.Oh ya i received the first Hari Raya Card from one of my colleague!Thanks alot i promised i will get you ketupat =)

I think thats all for monday i guess i will have to get some sleep now in order to wake up early tomorrow.Have a good night sleep everyone =))