Saturday, May 19, 2007

what a day.

its saturday but i need to work gosh i feel soo shagged.met d in the morning went work together took a bus there well i was very early actually hah and people was like asking why was i very early today haha.had breakfast in the pantry chat wif my friends then get ready to start clinic.doing workman com is ok but running two rooms at a time will make me like a crazy woman especially when patients keep coming non stop.well its has been a long time since i work on saturday trying to recall the workman com thing i just realise that they have started to use a new form and its much easier cause there is no MC column.finish clinic abit late actually but its ok cause rajesh owns me a lunch hehe.

after work i went straight to meet d at raffles place mrt thought of meeting syikin to get my belt back but its okla i guess the next time round maybe.went to get lunch at subway.didn't managed to finish the food cause i was not that hungry actually.receive a msg from rashid saying that i was with my new bf,i was abit shock actually wonder how he knows that trying to look around the place who knows he's somewhere there but no where in i give him a call instead.he said he saw me at the bus stop while i was with my bf.hah well it has been a long time since he left AH.

went to suntec city to watch a movie after our we watch was blades of glory haha very funny show indeed.i recommend you all to watch it cause i bet u will laugh like hell just like i did hehe.but the movie seats was very lousy and it cause my neck to ended at about 6 plus i guess told d that i wanna go home straight i was very tired actually thought of going home to rest.

well its exactly one week now we have been together everything was alright soo far.but sometimes i do have this kind of weird feeling i dunnoe why.i guess the past makes me the way i am now.being very suspicious,curious,careful and misunderstanding is what i am now.i just don't want to be hurt again enough of everything.sometimes i wonder being single or attached is both difficult or i rather not to be in this world anymore. i just pray for everything to be alright.insya'allah.