Sunday, June 22, 2008


Dear Bloggie,

I'm all alone now,my family went to my grandma at bukit panjang suppose to tag along but i was too tired to go.All because of yesterday as i was working half day and after that its family day.As i told you earlier on we have to open up a kacang puteh stall.The respond to the kacang puteh was real good.Luckily it's a complimentary if we were to sell it,i bet we will earned more.At first we thought that the peanuts that we bought won't last until about 5 pm but actually it did at about 5 something we actually close our stall.Not to forget the weather yesterday was damn hot!Gosh luckily i didn't get sunburn.
The food stall was great we have from india,malay,chinese,Myanmar and even Philippines.Foods of all different culture.And one of the food that i like was durian pengat.I tell you its really nice!Maybe because it's durian hehe.
Tomorrow is monday and it means back to work.Gosh its damn fast i didn't even get to rest well.Just hope everything will turn up well tomorrow :))