Wednesday, July 4, 2007

I'm so STRESS UP.i don't know what I'm going to do.I'm stuck in making decisions.I'm such a fickle minded.first i will decide to do this and then i will decide to do another.gosh I've been neglected my studies this week.i seek for help and opinion from my mum as well as friends.i really can't decide on my own.usually I'm much more a independent person but when come to this matter i really need an opinion.actually I'm too bored with the course I'm taking now administration its so plain boring.its basically so different from what I'm doing now.i use to like this course the previous years back cause its kind of interesting for me but when i work in a health care line i pretty much love what i do now.some of the advise i get was to stop my course now and maybe i could take up any course like make up course while the others told me to continue with it since the course will end next year rather then i waste money just like that.when i think back some of the advise they give was pretty true.well I've decided to continue the course,its only like a few months more till April next year so i rather finish off get my cert and I'm no matter what this Friday i will tell myself to go for the course.