Monday, April 30, 2007

Nice knowing you.

i'm really happy that i get to know someone like are a nice guy though cute one i must say but all because of yesterday all the impression about you has could you actually say that to me.telling me all girls are the same and they always give stupid reasons.well thanks for that i was actually abit piss off yesterday and in the morning i receive a message from you apologising for being over reacted cause you hate being rejected.well all i can say is being rejected and so is part of life,it is something we will have to go through though.i still can't accept you saying that i'm the same like others well if you think i am then by your means maybe thats part of the reason why i didn't reply your messages.i really hate people accusing me and saying things which i'm not.did i mention that i'm sensitive?well i wish you all the best in whatever you do.i hope that you won't do the same thing to girls out there which you did to me.take care always ya.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

wonderful sunday.

today was boring indeed but who cares my mum is at home.yeah finally get to meet her after two weeks.plan today was to stay at home cause i wanna watch dance floor and cheetah girls 2!wow such a great show which i definately can't miss.i'm sorry that i rejected in you asking me out but i really want to stay at home.ok forget about that i actually woke up early today.hmm..i guess around 8 maybe? per normal the first thing i will do once i'm awake from sleep is to on my computer.i simply can't live without my com.its like part of my life maybe daily life.hah.check my mail,my friendster and logging into my msn.

feeling kind of hungry so me n my sis decided to order mcdonalds.yummy!well we order double cheeseburger meal for my sis,fish fillet meal for me,chicken nuggets for my mum and cheese burger for dad.while waiting for the food to arrive,i feel like karaokeing hah.ask my sis to duet with me cause it has been a long time since we sing my house was abit chaotic though with me and my sis singing and my mum shouting hah.but who cares as long as i'm with my family i'm happy enough.finally the mcdonald man arrive with our food in his usual we will ask dad to pay for it.we had our food as well as watching vcd at the same time.the cd we watch was call qabil khushry qabil igam it was a malay film.well its such a sad story i recommend you all to watch it.

yeah finally dance floor has start couldn't wait for them to show their moves.hah.well i definately support fantastic 4 for sure but they really dissapoint me tonight cause they were not energetic enough today.i could see that one of them are nervous.but its alright results was fair enough i guess, vas and pris deserve to win.they are totally a powerful i wish i could be the one dancing there passion for dancing is soo strong but joining those kind of clubs or group i really got no time at all.maybe i should keep it as a hidden talent.well my mum always gets to see me dance at home.haha.ok enough for now time to bath.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

A part of me.

well for a start let me introduce myself.
i'm aisyah.i'm turning 19 yrs old this october in a world of fantasy and reality.trying to pursue my dreams.i use to be a girl who loves to hang around alot and wasting my time outside with friends and stuff but as i grow older,i do have lots of responsibilities so i prefer to stay at home relax rather than wasting my time outside.i do hang around with my friends when i feel like it.i don't have alot of friends like those people out there,i prefer to stick to those i'm comfortable with those who understand me and my character.currently i'm working at alexandra hospital as a doctor assistant and studying part-time in bmc.i've been working there for about 1yrs plus.i like working there with the doctors,knowing their personal background and characters it was fun though but i hate some of the people there.gossips and stuff,ok who doesn't right?but i hate it when people talk something which isn't true at all.i guess maybe jealous is the word.haha.actually working as a doctor assistant is not what i plan to do,its like a job until i finish my course in bmc which i currently studying right now and get into poly.i'm single and available haha any takers?i love it this way.don't have to stress out myself thinking about boys.well thanks to those out there who have broke my heart into pieces now i've learn to be stronger and careful each time.i do contact with guys trying to know them in person their personality ,character and attitude but whenever they try to confess that they like me i will definately tell them that i'm not ready to commit.i don't know why but its just me.maybe i haven't met the one or maybe i rather not choose or ask my mum to find me my future husband haha.

i have a small family.its only the 4 of us in the dad,mum,my younger sister and matter how small it is,i still love them alot cause after all they are all the one that keep me goin all these while.i don't get to meet my mum everyday cause she was send by her company to work in KL she will always be back in singapore maybe once every two weeks.its all depend if she's not busy there.quite boring though when she starts working there cause there's no more mummy cook food everyday but what can i say my daddy cooking is simply nice too.daddy loves to cook.everyday we will have different kind of dishes as well as desserts.yummy!well not only my daddy can cook,i can cook too =) but what i love most is to bake cookies,muffin,brownies and for my younger sister,she's 15 yrs old this yr.i'm like 4 yrs older than her.she totally have the opposite character of me.i describe her as a hot-temper person.although we do quarrel and stuff sometimes but i still love you sister!ok i guess that's enough about me will blog again soon =)