Monday, April 30, 2007

Nice knowing you.

i'm really happy that i get to know someone like are a nice guy though cute one i must say but all because of yesterday all the impression about you has could you actually say that to me.telling me all girls are the same and they always give stupid reasons.well thanks for that i was actually abit piss off yesterday and in the morning i receive a message from you apologising for being over reacted cause you hate being rejected.well all i can say is being rejected and so is part of life,it is something we will have to go through though.i still can't accept you saying that i'm the same like others well if you think i am then by your means maybe thats part of the reason why i didn't reply your messages.i really hate people accusing me and saying things which i'm not.did i mention that i'm sensitive?well i wish you all the best in whatever you do.i hope that you won't do the same thing to girls out there which you did to me.take care always ya.