Monday, June 29, 2009

Suka Ma Suka (SMS)

To those people out there who loves watching Cinta Fitri and Suci.
This is the movie for you!
It has my both favourite hero from both indonesian drama.
Overall i could say it is funny,especially when you see both of them act like a gay.
What are you waiting for? Go and rent the CD now!
Wisnu (Teuku Wisnu) and Rezky (Rezky Aditya) are two handsome men and playboy. Wisnu works as a photographer while Rezky is a TV reporter. One day Rezky oversleeps and turns up late for an interview with a minister. As a result he was scolded by his boss. To solve this problem of oversleeping he decides to rent a house near his workplace.
While exploring for new house Rezky meets up with Wisnu, who is also looking for a place to stay. They soon found a house owned by Auntie Ria and were very interested to move in but were rejected since she only allows female tenants. Then Rezky pairs up with Wisnu, pretending to be gay and this made Auntie Ria to change her mind and accept them in her home.
It was love at first time when both men met Bella (Laudya Chyntia Bella), who is Auntie Ria's nephew, also staying at the same house. Both men do many funny and stupid things to win Bella's heart and Bella does not realise both of them are actually acting.
To know more about the movie,go and rent it :P