Monday, December 31, 2007

Dear Bloggie,

Its new year eve and i'm still not sure whether should i stay put at home today or celebrate countdown outside well i will have to decide later i guess.2007 have been a bad year i guess.I would describe most of the time,upsets happened.The things i've been through was taft indeed but with the support of my family and friends i finally can pull it through.I still remember the incident happened to my family.Gosh no words could described that,how we managed to find help and stuff it was really not easy but we make it as a family.Oh yah my 2008 new year resolution will be spending more times with my family.I just hope that my mum will come back often here and spend time with us although i know she's working hard there.To complete my course and proceed to diploma just hope that i could finish it by september 2008.Having a new boyfriend in my life?hmm..never thought of that actually,i still prefer the way i am right now.I don't have to worry about anything but tell you frankly i think i have a phobia,phobia for guys haha.I just want to finish up my driving license by this 2008 if possible and one more thing is to be much more punctual when meeting people.Alright thats all for my new year resolution anyway HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dear Bloggie,

Today i went to my childhood friend wedding with my sister it has been awhile seen i've met her and when i get to meet her,it was on her wedding day.I'm soo happy for her didn't expect her to get married first hehe.When will mine be?haha anyway i was touched that her both brothers still remember me and wanting to meet me.Seeing her bring back those childhood memories, really miss those days well now we have grown up to be an adult and now she have become a wife to someone.Just hope that her marriage will last till eternity.

Then off we went to Bukit panjang plaza to shop around but i realise that place is not a great place to shop to so we went to Causeway point instead.It was crowded there and the sales was crazy!40% discount which person can resist that?The weather was kind of hot so i went to Gelare to grab some ice cream with my sister.I had waffles with chocolate ice cream while my sister had chocolate temptation.The waffles was soo delicious so was the ice cream.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Dear Bloggie,

Finally after all the hardwork party was over and it was really great,although its abit corrupted due to the microphone thing but i had fun.I'm happy that everything went well and all our ex colleagues were there too.Thanks for coming!Not to forget the dance performances,i almost forgot my dances step as i was very nervous imagine they are just beside u watching haha and ya i won the 2nd prize lucky draw!I was soo lucky that night.It was a rice cooker,very useful i could say.Games was really exciting too.The food was not bad either but i prefer the pizza instead hehe.The party ends earlier than we plan around 8 plus.Clean up the area and we went home.Managed to take some photos below.

The programme of the day~

The committee in green~

Me,dayah and jinah~
Us with Dr Ram das~

Dayah and me~

The three beautiful ladies~

Me and Kak Lynn~

Enjoying the musical chair~

With our very own head of department Dr Chin~

The Dancers~

While people were enjoying we were photographing~

Me and my cute boyfriend~

Isn't he cute?

Was so happy to see each other~

The people i work with~

Oh well queen of the day don't have to clean but just pose for the camera~

With fan~

The cute lil junior queen~

Monday, December 24, 2007

Dear Bloggie,

It was a very light day at work.I basically got nothing to do other than wrapping up the gifts for our party this coming friday.Gosh getting so excited about it i bet its gonna be a blast with me performing haha.Its christmas eve today and most of them went back home after 2pm including me,went to IMM with jinah to buy props as well as the deco things for our party but nothing interesting.I thought DAISO will be a great place to buy those kind of things but perhaps its way too expensive imagine 5 balloons for $2? I think i can get 10 balloons for $1 plus.So we decided not to shop there.We will do our shopping maybe tomorrow or thursday meanwhile i will be looking out for those things at a market nearby my house.Tomorrow will be my dance practice with my two fellow colleague and the song we are dancing too is sway.Well just hope that the steps are easy to remember cause we definately have no much time left.Alright the dinner thing was cancel cause when i call him he was on the way to cityhall to meet his friends.I ask him to tag along with his friends instead and he agree and i went back home to rest.
Outing With Dear Bestie On 21 December 2007

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Dear Bloggie,

Its been a while since i update well too busy i guess.So many things happen this pass few days like i finally got my bonus yippee! and beside all those long thought of cutting short hair,i finally did it haha.Feel abit weird with short hair cause i'm not use to it but afterall i thinks its alright.

Just reach home after watching alvin and the chipmunks midnight movie with a new friend of mine at cineleisure.The movie which everybody talks about was funny and very cute i must say.Guess what i even met someone which after soo long i've been waiting for haha you know i know i don't have to tell who's that particularly person.Before watching the midnight movie i had a family dinner just to treat them due to my bonus.Well i'm glad that they enjoy the food,i'm sure they do free mah haha.Alright thats all for now time for bed goodnight!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dear Bloggie,

Didn't update for quite sometime,was actually very busy and to lazy to do so after a tired day at work.Many things happened through out these days.Well i'm getting sick and tired of people around me nowadays.They can sometime be nice or act nice.Thats why i rather to do my own work and not involved myself in stupid things they do.About a week ago was my dinner and dance,had alot of fun indeed performance was alright but i still think its too short.The food was not bad but i just couldn't eat due to my stomachache.Having these problems for quite sometimes already but i just refused to get a check up.So many thing is coming up like our SOC year end party,standard chartered medical coverage and ISO.They are like one after another.Oh yah!i received a flower basket filled with fruits from a patient's son of mine.How nice is he.The card wrote,
For: Miss Siti Aisyah(Clinic K,Alexandra Hospital)
Thanks for your help that you have render to my father.
How sweet,well thank you very much its soo lovely anyway its my job to help.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Dear Bloggie,

I'm confused,sometimes i feel that the respond i get is positive but sometimes i don't.I keep telling myself am i clapping with one hand without the other.People keep telling me not to hide my feelings but i definately can't.I'm that kind of person if i like,i will keep it to myself and try my best not to show it cause i prefer the other party to do so.Its hard for me now,usually i'm ok with this kind of situation where the other party will call or message whenever the other party feel like it but now i feel as if something is not right.Am i starting to go crazy over the other party?Damn its hard for me but whatever it is people always say whatever meant to be yours will be yours and i agree with that.

Oh..yah the outing was great.Meet all of my school friends was fun indeed but i arrive late due to the dinner thing,Here are some of the photos we took.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Dear Bloggie,

For the first time everything that i planned is ruin.I feel so disappointed.Seriously i don't know what gonna happen later on.Oh god,please don't make it happen atleast infront or behind me.I don't wish to know about it.And if from that point of time i know about all the stuff i will promise myself,no more contact with you no more!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Dear Bloggie,

Did i tell you that i sneaked on that somebody friendster yesterday and found something i don't want to see.Gosh this shouldn't be happening.So you are like happy now is it?I don't care if its salty like salt or whatever it is but i'm gonna make sure you get the same pay back oh yeah!The tears i shed,the pain i had and now you are feeling happy with that so call sweet gf of yours?Oh please what goes around comes around.I'm moving on right now but whenever i happened to see you on my msn list it makes me think about it all over again.Neither do i want you out of my list cause deep down inside i still have this love feeling for you.Its difficult,no one will understand this feeling of mine.Each day i will have to carry this feeling of mine everywhere i go and for that i changed alot.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Dear Bloggie,

I didn't know that doing research is damn difficult and stressful especially when u type this few words in googles which you want to find out about and all those rubbish websites they gave you.I think i will have to go to the library tomorrow and borrow some books.I really have a stressful time at work especially handling demanding patients and recently i got headache easily maybe due to thinking too much.Work is getting busier each day with many patients and not to forget that man whom i'm working with right now trying to understand him each day with his mood swing.Seriously he can just suddenly blow up because of the computer and that scares me cause he will just bang anything infront of him.Please be nice.Well i'm learning his characters each day,the way he work and do procedures.

Suppose to go to a "kenduri" today but at the end me and jinah decided not to.Sorry tam its not that i don't want you to send me there but its just that i'm not use to riding a bike with "baju kurung" and i don't think so my friend will be comfortable in riding your friend's bike.I appreciate it though atleast today i know how you feel towards me and it really makes me smile =D

Time flies so fast and tomorrow will be another stressful day at work.Gosh can i have holidays everyday?I wish i could but too bad these is life isn't it.Yeah another dance practise tomorrow.Did i tell you about it dear bloggie?I will be performing on my Dinner & Dance this coming 16 November yeah its gonna be so cool!It has been long since i step a stage to perform cause i just love performing.Miss those times in secondary school years ago where we almost performed in every show.Wished i could turn back time.Alright i will have to stop here i guess back to my research,nighty night!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

To my lovely friends Sujinah and Hidayah thanks for being there to celebrate my advanced birthday.I really had a great time with both of you around.Yesterday was awesome indeed.Its karaoke time at Cash Studio,Apollo Center!I was abit late as i was at the salon straightening my hair and it cost me $130.Took a taxi to there,rush in to find them and there i was singing and singing and singing.The room was nice and the best part is,it cost only $35 per room for 3 hours and we all thought it cost $35 for each person silly us.After singing our lungs out we went to Chinatown to get this thick stretchable pantyhose for D&D then to Clarke Quay to sit around and camwhore!Then went to Coffee Bean at Boat Quay and i received a sliced birthday cake from them.How sweet.It was soo yummy and chocolaty i like!Really had a great and silly time.Lots of silly things to laugh about.I can't believe that i wore two different earrings on that day haha!No wonder hidayah asked me whether i purposely do it,i was like purposely do what?she said that i purposely wore two different earrings haha!gosh i was soo shy at that point of time.Luckily that no one noticed it as it was black in colour.How silly i was!Not to forget the incident at the toilet when this funny smell suddenly appear and i could hear some creepy sounds i quickly asked sujinah to leave the toilet cause i definately feel something is not right.What a day.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Was totally a crazy day!
Lots and lots of patients.
Leg cramp.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Wee selamat hari raya,hari untuk kita bersuka ria!After one month of fasting finally its "Hari Raya".Firstly wishing all muslim Salam Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir Dan Batin =))

My Niece isn't she lovely.
With my nephew,niece and little cousins
who have grown up to be a tall and handsome
boys gosh they are taller than me.
My Daddy and Mummy.
My Grandma House.
The ladies.
My family and niece.
Mummy and me.