Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dear Bloggie,

Finally the winner of IDOLA CILIK 2 is DEBO!
Well for some of you people out there,Idola Cilik is an indonesian singing contest for the kids. Since the first time it has been playing through the MNC channel(the indonesian channel),i've always been watching it without failed. And yeah Debo deserved to win. I've been voting for him and the SMS is not a waste afterall. All the best to you Debo, now your dreams have come true. May you be a good kid :) I will definitely support you by buying your album once you have launch one.

Here is a video of him at the Grand Final singing "Bintang yang bersinar".Written by Rian D Masiv.

A video which made me cry. After almost 4 years separated from his mum cause his mum is working at Dubai and its difficult for her to travel back because of money,here she is supporting her son by coming back home to see him and support him at the Grand Final.