Saturday, March 15, 2008

Dear Bloggie,

Was browsing through my old photo albums gosh i really miss those school days with my friends.I just realised that we have really grown up.Miss those days where we cried,laughed,punished,joking around together thats how close we are as a classmates.Now everyone has gone to their own way,some still studying and some are working glad to know that each and everyone of them are doing fine.Oh ya all the while we have been planning for a reunion session but the date was always a problem.Well some are busy with their own stuff.But we will definately make a gathering with the whole class someday only when is the question.

Two things that made me shocked when i hear the news of two stupid idiot guys.One of them which had known to be my friend boyfriend had always hurt her feelings gosh i really can't stand hearing this kind of stories he really is one kind of an idiot.Really don't worth a woman's love i just feel like saying it out to him but i don't want to interfere in their relationship.For me if a true man who loves their gf won't have hurt them very often or even scold them with harsh words or even vulgar language.I told her to really make up her mind.Hearing her cry on the phone really makes me feel like teaching that guy a lesson.I just hope that her meet up yesterday is not to get back together i know i'm evil in saying that but its not worth it!Oh ya and the other one used to be so called my old love,people said his married with a child now whether its true or not i'm still wondering.Ok enough said of them i had enough of them hah.

I got to know this new song MERCY from duffy.Oh i just love it.She really have a unique voice and if you noticed the rhythm of the song is a mixture of two popular song.Here's to all if you have not seen her music video yet enjoy :)