Saturday, December 29, 2007

Dear Bloggie,

Finally after all the hardwork party was over and it was really great,although its abit corrupted due to the microphone thing but i had fun.I'm happy that everything went well and all our ex colleagues were there too.Thanks for coming!Not to forget the dance performances,i almost forgot my dances step as i was very nervous imagine they are just beside u watching haha and ya i won the 2nd prize lucky draw!I was soo lucky that night.It was a rice cooker,very useful i could say.Games was really exciting too.The food was not bad either but i prefer the pizza instead hehe.The party ends earlier than we plan around 8 plus.Clean up the area and we went home.Managed to take some photos below.

The programme of the day~

The committee in green~

Me,dayah and jinah~
Us with Dr Ram das~

Dayah and me~

The three beautiful ladies~

Me and Kak Lynn~

Enjoying the musical chair~

With our very own head of department Dr Chin~

The Dancers~

While people were enjoying we were photographing~

Me and my cute boyfriend~

Isn't he cute?

Was so happy to see each other~

The people i work with~

Oh well queen of the day don't have to clean but just pose for the camera~

With fan~

The cute lil junior queen~