Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday at Mcdonalds.

Its 8.12pm now,I'm at Forum Mcdonalds waiting for ayu all alone here. Anyone wants to company me? Suppose to pass her my dress cause she wanted to lend it from me. Been wanting to pass her that dress but due to something,i'm unable to until now. Well i have not been updating for sometime,its ok i'm back now hehe. Anyway a little bit of updates..Did i tell all of you that i have change department? I'm soo happy to get transfer.It felt so good to hear the news from HR like 3 months ago.Yeah 3 months had past and now i'm already confirmed! Soo happy about it. Oh yah, i have a task to do for the director.Task is to look out for friends who has the same attitude,character,good in powerpoint,excel..easy said good in computer software just like me.I really have nobody in mind.Someone just like me? I don't think so i am able to find that kind of person. Everyone have different kind of attitude and i know that. Well we see how than.

Anyway work was quite alright.The new department i work in right now was great. Colleagues was damn nice.I'm still learning and will still continue to learn.Was soo happy to hear the comments of my supervisor.All was positive.Will continue to stay consistent insya'allah.Well one thing that i have learned is that never, we shall not give up on our dreams.Continue on working hard and step by step i'm sure one day the position that you want,you will definately get.Believe is the word and not to forget its live long learning.Yeah i always believe in that.We should not stop learning.Cause by learning we gain experience and not just that we also could get acknowlegdement example like a certificate if you go for further studies.Talking about studies,i'm also glad about my exams result.Will try to work hard for upcoming exams.Working and schooling at the same time,that is what i have been doing.Wish to complete my diploma with flying colours and the next step i will do is to really push myself to finish up my driving license.I know my parents will be waiting for this.But due to time i won't be able to actually do it.Insya'allah once i'm done with studies,my next target will be that and that is definitely my dream.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Somehow or rather the answer is already right infront of you but you just couldn't see it.