Monday, August 11, 2008

Dear Bloggie,

No words can described how i was feeling just now.Everything went haywire.If not because of urgency,i won't even ask you for help.Shouting in front of patients.Hello!! isn't that your job? Telling me you have got so many patients then how about me?No patients to attend to?Ridiculous asking for excuses!Gosh luckily one of my colleague safe all the trouble.If not,i really want to go inside my supervisor office and complain about that irritating person!But its no use.Cause all she would say is that,that is her character.Imagine having a supervisor like that?Who wish to work with a person like that?No sense of feeling,not caring enough,not understanding.The more we tell her about our problem,the more she blame us rather than helping us to solve the problem.No wonder people are leaving that place one by one.Just wait! It will be my turn soon! Once i get a better place off i will go.Doesn't mean i've been keeping quiet all the time,everything is alright.But perhaps you have got me wrong.I am that kind of person.Taking all the shit,being patience all the time but when the time has come i will blow everything out.So the moral of the story is never be nice to people like her!When she needs something all the nice word and phrases will come out.Watch out you,you will get yours back from me.