Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday,13 July.

Dear Bloggie,

Its nearly the end of Sunday and yes,yes tomorrow is another day at work 'sigh'.Another busy day.another heart aching day,another crazy day.Oh i just hope that tomorrow will be a great Monday.I definitely need to come to work early tomorrow cause there's still some few things which is left undone.I'm just to tired to do it last Friday cause all i think was to go home fast and rest!

As per normal did nothing special today,just sit at home surf the net,check my mail,clean up the house,wash my clothes etc.Sounds boring huh?But yeah that's the fact.Anyway I've made reservation for 4 to carousel at royal plaza on scotts hotel.Specially for my dear family to treat them.I just hope they like it.Finally mum is going back next week.I just miss her so much.I feel lonely without her around.Till here then need to iron my clothes.Have a good night sleep everyone :)