Sunday, December 23, 2007

Dear Bloggie,

Its been a while since i update well too busy i guess.So many things happen this pass few days like i finally got my bonus yippee! and beside all those long thought of cutting short hair,i finally did it haha.Feel abit weird with short hair cause i'm not use to it but afterall i thinks its alright.

Just reach home after watching alvin and the chipmunks midnight movie with a new friend of mine at cineleisure.The movie which everybody talks about was funny and very cute i must say.Guess what i even met someone which after soo long i've been waiting for haha you know i know i don't have to tell who's that particularly person.Before watching the midnight movie i had a family dinner just to treat them due to my bonus.Well i'm glad that they enjoy the food,i'm sure they do free mah haha.Alright thats all for now time for bed goodnight!