Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Dear Bloggie,

I can't get back to sleep anymore,now i'm soo fresh.Its raining outside and i'm freezing cold right now.This is the best weather to get some sleep but this one thing is just bothering me and it bleeds now.Haiz..just hope that if i were to get back to sleep later it won't get itchy again.There is so many things which i want to update you about but i got no chance at all as i was very tired the pass few days.I received a message from an uknown guy saying that he would like to make friends with me as usual i anxiously want to know from who he get my number and it was actually from an ex of mine.Didn't respond to him that much as i wasn't that comfortable and only knowing him like only a day he's acting as if i know him for a very long time,you know messaging me those kind of crap messages and for your info i don't even care.And for the very first time in my life i eventually tell him that i'm not comfortable talking to him and he's overeacted and actually who don't?especially when i get to know he's a friend of my ex and also a close friend of my ex present gf i bet they are up to something maybe.Well for your information miss "whatever", i broke up with your present bf right now because he's a money digger and he has been playing behind my back with other girls as in 2 timing me so that answer everything so all the best to you then huh!

Daddy just got me a new handphone!Actually mummy paid for it but daddy went to a shop at yew tee to get that new handphone for me.Oh..i just love it finally after soo long i change to a new handphone.No more motorola and now back to nokia.I've been using that motorola handphone for ages i think.When comes to handphone,just put it as i'm not crazy about it like some people who will definately upgrade their handphone now and then.Once again thanks mummy!

Clinic was alright earlier on,managed to do eveything well but i felt kind of tired maybe due to lack of sleep.And did i tell you that there's a new staff in my clinic?Was pissed off with her earlier on giving me stupid excuses.In my whole year working in AH i've never asked a patient to go down to the xray department to get an appointment cause he kept changing it for 3 times and the phone line was engaged.When i tried to explained to her that you should not do that and asked her to rebook appointment for the patient but she ended up scolding him and asked him to go down if he really wants it changed.If one of the counter staff didn't tell me about it i'm sure this will continue on and on.And i actually apologise to that patient regarding her attitude.Luckily enough that patient was kind enough and he still smile.And you know what she still got the cheek to say "i know lah i look at people one,he alright one"i was like ya right if one day that "so called" alright patient turns to be nasty you are dead and don't tell me i don't warned you!

Oh..i just can't wait!Left with only 14 days more.I'm sure we gonna have fun and yah thanks for calling tam after soo long i'm touched.Alright i think better get some sleep i have only have 2 more hours to another day at work.