Sunday, May 27, 2007

26 May 2007.

i'm really am not good in making decision.i will decide for once and then regret it.haiz..sometimes i wonder have i really made a right decision?
well i had a great time today doing household shopping with my parents.went to sheng shiong at ten mile usual it will always be crowded well who doesn't know sheng shiong rite it claims to be selling cheap items but when i realise it,the price actual are all the same as e other supermarket.i actually took alot of things from toiletries to total it cost $122.20 but its worth it actually cause we bought alot of things.

::my new hairdo::
finally a new hairstyle wee!after the straight thing i decided to perm my hair.well i like it very much a new me i could cost $80 for the perm quite cheap right and $28 for the cream and in total it cost me $108.just for my hair i spent $100 over dollars.luckily its worth it if not i will regret for sure.